Aapla Manus Movie Review: Mysterious Turns Cryptic As Nana Patekar Excels

Satish Rajwade twines the complexities of modern day relationships in ‘Aapla Manus’ with the generation gap and neglect of senior citizens in a beguiling suspense mystery that offers a cryptic touch and with a towering performance by Nana Patekar.
Sr. Inspector Maruti Nagargoje (Nana Patekar) is a smart old fox who cunningly interrogates the son of the aged man played by Sumeet Raghavan and his wife Iravati Harshe. As the interrogation goes giving a sense of déjà vu of Drishyam, both vividly and wickedly the mystery takes an unexpected turns questioning the modern day beliefs and highlighting the age old phenomenon of neglecting senior citizens by young couples.

Problems with ‘Aapla Manus’ start developing in the second half, it finds itself guilty of repetition, unnecessarily dragging and taking sides. The whodunit/whydunit mystery ends up as a tribute to Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini starrer Baghban.
‘Aapla Manus’ in its agenda somewhere gets preachy and takes sides in talking mainly from the parent’s behalf. Yes, there is no iota of a doubt that the plight of the senior citizens in our country is primarily due to the selfishness and heartlessness of the younger generation but in the Indian culture where parents get the stature of God, it’s a truth that mistakes do happen and sometimes as a human being parents do make mistakes.
After ‘Natsamrat’, the incredible Nana Patekar delivers another towering performance that promises to stay with you for long after you have left the theatre. Both as Aba and Sr. Inspector Maruti Nagargoje, Nana Patekar is pitch perfect, flawless and a treat to watch him act in his second film as a producer. Sumeet Raghavan is fantastic as the son and during the confrontation scenes with the brilliant Nana. It’s a feat to leave a mark in front of an actor like Nana who is matchless throughout in the film.
And last but not the least, an emotional surprise just before the end credits will surely moist your eyes!

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