About Cinema Paradizo

Cinema Paradizo is a film and TV news, trends and entertainment website.

Cinema Paradizo is about sharing and spreading the love and passion for Films, Television, World Cinema, Short Films, Celebrities and Entertainment. Stay up-to-date with the latest and trending news across global film industries from different geographies and cultures.

Cinema Paradizo brings together the spirit of cinematic excellence and blending of different movie cultures, shaping up the society in a radical way, and creating artistic legacy.

Sounds Like Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso is the Holy Grail for every film lover and film-maker. It is our most favourite film in the world. Sadly Cinema Paradiso was taken, so we had to settle for Cinema Paradizo. Well – that does cause some search and SEO concerns with search engines. But we are willing to take that chance for even a Cinema Paradizo.

Cinema Paradiso is a film that shows a filmmaker recall his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village’s theater and formed a deep friendship with the theater’s projectionist. The same way Cinema Paradizo attempts to form a friendship with film lovers all over the world and bring the best film and TV news to ignite even more love.

The Birth Of Cinema Paradizo

Cinema Paradizo came into existence when we were looking for a combination of news related to films, TV and other form related to the world of motion pictures. And we couldn’t find one place that offers relevant information with a healthy dose of entertainment news, not leaving short films and world cinema out. Thus the idea was born out of our own need to know more about all the various forms of cinema creativity around the globe.

Cinema Paradizo is a destination where all these forms meet in harmony – mainstream cinema of Hollywood and Bollywood, film festivals across the world, the large world of short films, the growing popularity of television shows across the countries, celebrities making waves with not just gossip and rumors but also substance.

For us this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey with our readers, to transport them into the marvellous world of cinema and entertainment. We may surprise you, shock you, even disappoint you sometimes – but it’s all about the love we have for the dreamy world of films and TV.

Our constant endeavor is to provide content across various topics, themes and geographies to our readers, and to enrich their lives with rich content.

Feel free to drop your queries, feedback or anything at info@cinemaparadizo.com.