Anurag Sinha: From Debut In Subhash Ghai’s ‘Black & White’ To ‘POW – Bandhi Yuddh Ke’, This Talented Actor Has Finally Arrived

Those of you following ‘POW – Bandhi Yuddh Ke’ currently airing on Indian television channel Star Plus, are now aware of a certain actor called Anurag Sinha. While a lot of you are pleased with his entry into the show as his character is taking the story into interesting and diverse zones, not much has been written or shared about Anurag Sinha himself. The 34-year-old actor has proved his acting finesse beyond any doubt in the TV show, however it’s not his first encounter with the art of acting.

The year was 2008. Subhash Ghai was back with a new film. This was not a typical Ghai film – nothing masala or mainstream about it. The film was titled ‘Black & White’ and launched a new boy Anurag Sinha. A dream debut indeed.

Anurag Sinha played a¬†suicide bomber, Numair Qazi, who arrives in India to kill people during India’s Independence Day celebrations. He befriends a professor so that he can procure a pass for the celebrations to carry out his mission.¬†Anurag Sinha, a Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) graduate had the best debut one could wish for.*

Anurag Sinha
Anurag Sinha

Sadly the film didn’t work. Anurag was appreciated for his work. but that was it. I found his performance one of the best debuts ever. His portrayal of the complex character of a jihaadi, made me believe that a new star has arrived.His eyes and voice – both acted, a rare combination to find for a newcomer. At the same time there were fears and concerns over his future in Hindi films as finding the right roles for such actors in always tough and sometimes impossible in our stereotyped version of cinema.

Then there were reports that he will play Sarabjit Singh, the Indian prisoner, killed by prison inmates in Pakistan. We all know who eventually played Sarabjit in Omung Kumar’s biopic – Randeep Hooda. And I recently read that he has an unreleased film, directed by Owais Hussain titled ‘Pehla Sitara’.

And all these years I kept wondering where is that talented slim young guy I saw in Black & White. I tried looking for him in other Subash Ghai films that followed in the hope that his mentor will at least try relaunching him.

Cut to 2016, and Anurag Sinha was seen on the big screen in a not-so-famous but decent flick Sanam Teri Kasam. He got noticed but was also forgotten shortly.

Anurag Sinha
Anurag Sinha

And then ‘POW Bandhi Yuddh Ke’ comes as a breath of fresh air in the midst of so much crap running on Hindi entertainment channels. At one critical juncture of the story, a third character is introduced apart from the two lead protagonists. And this third actor looked familiar – but more than the face, it was the voice that made me scream ‘I know this actor. OMG is it Anurag Sinha.’ And yes it was him – as the first 2 episodes featuring him ended I asked ‘such a short role. I wish they don’t kill him’. And they did not – he is alive. His character is growing – in fact as the main lead. So we are fortunate to have this actor arrive on our TV sets every night. Let’s hope the show and his acting both start a new dawn of Hindi TV shows.

Welcome back Anurag, and apologies for not creating stories and characters that do justice to expressive and deep actors like you.

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23 thoughts on “Anurag Sinha: From Debut In Subhash Ghai’s ‘Black & White’ To ‘POW – Bandhi Yuddh Ke’, This Talented Actor Has Finally Arrived

  1. I watched Anurag in a play and I couldn’t get my attention of him! He’s such a brilliant actor he kept the whole audience captivated throughout the play. Now that requires immense talent and Anurag has it all.

  2. Anurag is an awsome and handsome actor who is very less utilized in industry.His performance in POW is commendable. I wish him all the very best for his future endeavor and hope to see him more and more on big and small screen.

  3. Anuraag Sinha is an amazing,supertalented,very handsome actor of Hindi cinema.He has the most expressive eyes and gifted voice by which he has already won the hearts of millions

  4. He is one of the best actors across all platforms…What a briliant flad that we got an opportunity to witness his exceptional performance in P.O.W. Wish to see him on our screens for many many years to come in many such brilliant memorable roles

  5. He is terrific performer. His entry in pow take show to a different level. I’m hooked to this show just because of his phenomenal acting skills. He is truly gem as an actor.

  6. He will definately prove himself to be a super star soon in bollywood because of his suberb acting talent…..his wounderful voice & charming personallity

  7. Can be said as budding Amitabh -Big B …….our best wishes with Anurag Sinha ….Hope he keeps performing as excellent he is performing now.

  8. Anuraag u r blessed as a very masculine personality…in future maintain ur standards & never ever sign any small roles…. got a crush on u!!!

  9. never i thought i would get addicted to serials…POW is really awsome…have no words to express what i feel while watching this serial…nd then comes Sid ohh man u are a real actor…hatsoff to u, plz peolpe of this big industry here’s a great actor give him good roles…wanna see u in many other good roles in the future…your selection of roles are great keep doin the same…all the best wishes for ur future…with lotz of love.

  10. A wonderful actor but not used by the Bollywood .Shown talant in beginning black and white but still we are missing his talent in entertainment world .

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