Watch Now: ‘Doctor Strange’ Teaser Trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch as a superhero, a strange superhero in Doctor Strange.

Sounded a bit weird but interesting from the point the casting was announced. The teaser trailer of Marvel’s Doctor Strange is out.

It looks like a mashup of Matrix, Inception and all the mystical, metaphysical and spiritual babble being going around in Hollywood for the last two decades. Benedict makes it unique though.

Watch it and judge for yourself –

Scott Derrickson directed Doctor Strange also stars Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen, and a bald Tilda Swinton as Strange’s mentor, the Ancient One.

It all started with the unveiling of the poster, where you could see Benedict looking at the light. Marvel and DC Comics are surely giving us too much entertainment to handle all at once. Their comics and their superheroes are filling the screen, and creating a whole new movie fan base.

doctor strange poster

Here’s what she tells Benedict, “You’re a man looking at the world through a keyhole. You’ve spent your life trying to widen it. Your work saved the lives of thousands. What if I told you that reality is one of many?” Hmm, reminds us of some Neo-Morpheous conversations from The Matrix.

And like every rebel and truth seeker, Strange also starts with the typical skepticism when he says, “I don’t believe in fairy tales about chakras or energy or the power of belief.” The Ancient One replies, “There are other ways to save lives. So much you don’t know.” And bang comes the moment that will change the course of the film, the turning point as they say. Benedict ‘Strange’ pleads, “Teach me”.

Sounds too cliche? Yes, and No – with movies, there’s always the opportunity to put a spin around the same old concepts and plots.

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