Little Dragon: Is Bruce Lee Latest Victim Of Shekhar Kapur’s Premature Artistic Ambition & A False Announcement?

The Hollywood Reporter recently shared a news piece that Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is all set to direct and co-write ‘Little Dragon,’ a feature film that will cover martial arts legend Bruce Lee’s early days. Well in the last two decades, Shekhar Kapur has made several announcements and ‘almost’ made biopics on Mandella, Veerappan and some more names we can’t even recall now.

About the Bruce Lee biopic, Shekhar Kapur seems to have made an official statement as well. It goes something like this, “The film will be a contemporary take on Bruce Lee who, aside from being considered the most gifted and famous martial artist of all time is now accepted as a major philosopher in his own right. It is important that audiences today can relate their own lives to the journey of Bruce Lee, who manages to tap into his inner wisdom and harness his true destiny before it’s too late.”

Shekhar Kapur has been lately in the news for his most ambitious film called ‘Paani’ about a future world where water will be a scarce resource and as precious as gold. Paani has also been a victim of delays and delays. It’s in the news f0r almost a decade now. At one point Hrithik Roshan was supposed to play the lead. With things not moving ahead, Hrithik opted out of the film. Then Aditya Chopra stepped in as the produce to save Shekhar Kapur’s dream project, and Sushant Singh Rajput came onboard as the hero. The buzz stayed for some time, and now there’s no news about Paani again. The film and its prospects seem to have evaporated yet again we guess.

We can only hope that the legendary Bruce Lee gets a fair treatment and his biopic gets made….despite the King of announcements Shekhar Kapur on the director’s seat. This time the maker better not mess around, as he can expect some real kicks to his face.

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