Raees Movie Review: Great Shades Of Shah Rukh Khan – Ram Jaane, Raj, Rahul And The Best of all ‘Raees’. SRK Ka Dimaag Aur Daring

Raees Movie Review: ‘Raees’ is Shah Rukh Khan‘s best film in years. It is the cinematic creation that his fans have been waiting for. The wait has been very long. ‘FAN’ paved the way to a new SRK, followed by ‘Dear Zindagi’ and Raees has taken it forward in the most perfect way.

Raees Movie Review: Director Rahul Dholakia has done some really awesome things here – bring back the 70-80’s drama and thrill to Hindi cinema, unleash the amazing but lost star actor SRK to the world and fill the screen with real, raw and intense action.

Raees Alam famously known as owns an illegal alcohol business in the state of Gujarat. ACP Chhatak Majmudar has only one aim in life – to stop Raees and finish his illegal empire. Raees is also the Robinhood leaving no chance to do some good for others.

After a long time in Hindi cinema, we see a hero growing up mid-action with the frame freezing on SRK’s angry and intense eyes. This is his best entry onscreen till date.

Shah Rukh Khan is a spectacled goon who doesn’t like being referred to as ‘battery’, and beats the hell out of anyone who calls him that. Starting with small schemes he graduates to becoming the top bootlegger of his town. More than the story, Raees is about the wonderful moments that go into making a thrilling journey of a character.

Shah Rukh Khan has never looked so stunning on screen. He has the fury, the anger, the looks,. And this time he is not spreading his arms, but breaking some. He owns the film. He becomes Raees in every frame. Watching him it is indeed a shock to even think it’s the same romantic guy from ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’ or ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. Watch his awesomeness in three particular scenes – one when he is about to shoot his mentor who initiated him into the world of illegal alcohol. There is pain, disappointment, tears – all in just one single shot. Second when he is betrayed by his politician friends and forced to give up on his dream of creating a better world for his people. His heartbreak is so real that it makes us wonder ‘where was this SRK for so long?’. And third when he fights in a butcher market with gore and blood all around. This one action sequence is enough to establish that SRK is truly the only fierce and intense action hero in Hindi cinema. In fact Raees has action…real action with real drama.

Raees Movie Review
Raees Movie Review

Nawaz does a commendable job in Raees, however it looks like the beginning of a monotonous Nawaz. Majmudar is a mish mash of Kahaani’s Khan and Raman Raghav. in his trademark Nawaz style, he delivers his dialogues, offering some comic relief. He will say his one liners and audience will be in splits. The actor is getting lost somewhere in these laughs.

Maheerah Khan and SRK lack the chemistry. However she has more screen time and dialogues than an average Hindi film actress in a made-dominated film and story like Raees.

Ram Sampath’s music ignites the film, and sets every shot on fire. The background score is the lifeline of Raees.

Let me end it with a viewer’s reaction while exiting after the climax – “If someone still thinks SRK can’t act they can go fuck themselves. Or better get their eyes checked. Battery kahin ke.

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