Remembering The Flamboyant Feroz Khan

When someone in the 80s decided to make an Indian version of Clint Eastwood’s classic The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, only one person rose to the task – Feroz Khan. He will continue to be our very own rustic, raw and rough cowboy for ages to come.

Ultimate style guru and flamboyance magnified are just few phrases that define this charismatic icon. He might not appeal to the critic within some of us, but his notable contribution to Indian cinema deserves respect and appreciation. When other makers were copying the west, Feroz Khan gave Bollywood its original style mantra.

While he was fighting with cancer for over a year now, he chose to drop out of the limelight. Unlike other actors, who hog the limelight for even a stomach ache, he continued leading a simple and quiet life at his farmhouse in Bangalore, where he breathed his last.

The pioneer

His films introduced style and finesse in the Hindi film industry. His directorial venture Apradh is a cult film as it was the first Hindi film to showcase car racing on the screen. It’s still remembered for its amazing chase sequences at that point a new trend for Bollywood.

The hi-tech weapons, sleek guns, smashing cars and bouncing bikes were all there thanks to him.

The stunner

Today people are going gaga over Dev D for its wonderful shots with Abhay Deol snorting every powder in town! Well, did you know that Feroz Khan’s Jaanbaaz was the first Indian film with some stunning sequences of drug abuse.

Musically yours!

Who can forget the mind blowing blend of Indian music and Western beats in his songs! Whether it’s Qurbani, Jaanbaaz or Dharmatma? He brought the Western music influence to Bollywood, much before the so-called modern composers and film makers.

The Godfather

He was the first one to bring The Godfather to India with his hugely successful Dharmatma. And it’s the closest, we could get to the Marlon Brando masterpiece. Many attempted to do it after him, and all of them failed miserably.

Underrated actor

Though he was not so fortunate with respect to bagging the best of roles, we will always remember him for his great performances in films like Safar, Aarzoo, Aadmi Aur Insaan and Oonche Log. He also garnered enough appreciation for his last appearance on screen in the blockbuster Welcome.

Feroz Khan passed away in the wee hours of April 27, 2009 at his Bangalore farmhouse. He was suffering with cancer. We pay our respects to the ultimate style guru of Indian cinema –¬†Feroz Khan.

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