Ridiculously Crazy Moments From ‘Game Of Thrones’

Every season of ‘Game of Thrones’, brings along some seriously crazy and bizarre moments that are hard to vanish from our memories.

Skull Squashing: Outrageous! To seek revenge for rape and murder of his sister, Prince Oberyn Martell fights with The Mountain, grabs his head, pokes his thumbs into the eyes and then crushes his skull. What imagery!

The Golden Crown: One of our most favorites, probably the best death scene in TV history. Let’s say it was a strategic murder to fulfill Viserys’ childish demand for a golden crown, laced in his own death.

Incest: The two protagonists, Jamie and Cersei share an incestuous relationship, revealed when Jamie rapes her in the series. Who writes this stuff, really!

Horse Heart Meal: This made us nearly puke! We are serious – Emilia Clarke choking on that heart with the blood oozing out – Oh My God!

The Dead Raise: Night’s King raised his entire army from the dead. We are not doubting that – are we?

The Rat Torture: The rat is thrown to the victim’s chest alive. Time to shave that hair off your chest! Sheer madness.

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