Rustom Movie Review: Brilliant Akshay Kumar Saves A Sloppy Film, Boring Court Case, False Passion, Forced Suspense & ‘Thanda Kaleja’

‘Rustom’ had already won the race against ‘Mohenjo Daro’ with its trailer and the viewer’s building enthusiasm. The smartly edited trailer promised a compelling courtroom drama. Sadly that is not the case. In fact the ‘court’ appears on screen only 10 minutes into the second half!

I have to applaud the trailer editor of Rustom for taking the ‘best’ moments and dialogues of the film and weave them together so cleverly. The makers took a story inspired by a real life incident, twisted it to produce a film screenplay and convinced Akshay Kumar to lead the way. The star actor delivers a knockout performance, and this one decision saves the film.

Naval officer Rustom Paavri (Akshay Kumar) returns home after many months on the ship, only to find his wife Cynthia (Iliena D’cruz) not home. He discovers his wife’s affair with a Vikram Makhija (Arjun Bajwa), and in a fit of anger Rustom fires three bullets that kill Vikram. Rustom surrenders himself to the law, only to plead not guilty later in court, and defend himself.

Sachin Khedekar essays the role of prosecutor, appointed by Vikram’s arrogant sister played by Esha Gupta.

Post couple of flashbacks and romantic numbers, finally the case hearing starts. Rustom will be most remembered for featuring one of the most stupid courtroom scenes and arguments. It is almost like the makers were trying to make it a comedy film using a tragic story, lacing it with some patriotism along the way. Imagine a top notch lawyer saying things like ‘thande kaleje…’. In case you are wondering he meant ‘cold blooded..’. Fantastic. There are other gems like ‘brilliant investigation’ etc that only show the writer’s laziness.

The story unfolds many layers and sub plots, involving top naval officers, and frankly if you have even an average IQ, you would have already solved the case in the first 30 minutes, and watching the film is just a formality. Even that formality is not an easy task to complete though.

The way I lost interest in the film after a self-imposed tolerance limit of 1 hour, I have lost the enthusiasm to write any further. Give this one a skip. Watch it for Akshay Kumar if you do, who’s evolving as a great actor. However, a Housefull 4 should be around the corner.

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