Shah Rukh Khan, YRF & ‘Jabra Fan’

Have you watched the non-Hindi versions of ‘Jabra Fan’ yet? The title song of the Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) starrer upcoming Indian Hindi film ‘Fan’, released in eight languages other than Hindi, a marketing tactic never tried before in India.

Yash Raj Films and SRK have always been film marketing thought leaders and this innovation at once celebrates and capitalizes on India’s diversity. SRK – whose appeal cuts across age, demography and geography – is the common thread, emphasizing the oneness within the diversity.

The campaign – the non-Hindi versions are in Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil and Odia – has garnered millions of views on YouTube and thousands of conversations on social platforms. Fans in places as distant as Malaysia have made videos of themselves dancing to the song and there’s even an Arabic version of it!

The campaign is primal – it connects with people in the language they think in. It recognizes that India is large and diverse, better approached by marketers as a subcontinent rather than a homogeneous nation. It reminds brands of the importance of localization.

Fan releases globally on April 15, 2016.

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