Shivaay Movie Review: Ajay Devgn Brings The Cult Of Shiva Alive On The Big Screen

Bhakt Ajay Devgn plays Shivaay and translates his devotion to Lord Shiva into a feature film. Just like Shiva, a man of no words or less words, I’ll keep it short. Visually stunning and transcendental in nature, Shivaay celebrates the mythology of mystic yogi Shiva. The film tackles the rising evil of child trafficking, with Bulgaria as the backdrop. The first 30 minutes of the film are a delight to the eyes and fire to the soul – one of the best starts for a Hindi film.

There’s a certain stability and honesty about the film that hits you despite its shortcomings. The first half takes us on a beautiful journey to the Himalayas, and second half to the high peaks of Bulgaria. Shiv Strotram forms the background score in most parts. Ajay Devgn acts with his eyes, and excels in action sequences – the stunts deserve a watch. However, the film could have been 30 minutes shorter easily, as the climax drags itself to the finish. Despite this, thumbs up to Ajay Devgn for converting the cult of Shiva into an action flick.

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