Subtle & Strong Film on Domestic Sexual Violence!

First time filmmaker Sushil Lokhande is ready with his social film on Domestic Sexual Violence and Assault. The film also arrives at the right time, as April 2016 is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

His film is in the running for a major Public Poll Award at the Doodle Social Adfest 2016. Doodle Social Ad Fest is a unique event in India that aims to portray a social responsibility of the advertising industry, being part of our lives. It gives makers an opportunity to showcase their works on social issues like poverty, domestic sexual violence, injustice and more.

Click on the video below or visit this link to watch the film:

Sushil Lokhande Short Film Sexual Harassment

The 35-second film projects the dilemma of a woman who is unable to speak for herself. She knows not every touch at home is a friendly one – but she is bound by societal and moral pressures to stay silent and suffer in silence. 

On choosing this theme for his debut film, Sushil says, “Domestic sexual violence has become a daily occurrence in every corner of the world and society, irrespective of the social class or status. This poison is spreading at a faster pace than we can imagine, mainly due to the taboo, and silence attached to it. I thought of various themes, but this one came across as the need of the hour.”

The purpose of Doodle Social Adfest is to create a platform to create awareness about social responsibility and what we owe and can do for the society and the nation, using advertising media. It also encourages creative minds, students and professionals to think, create and showcase their work around social messages.

The fest is organized by Manthan Art Foundation. ‘Manthan – The School of Creative Advertising and Art’ is the associate support organization of Manthan Art Foundation.

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