Angry ‘Suicide Squad’ Fan Has A Strange Demand – Ban Rotten Tomatoes! But Why?

Fans are fans! They can behave like stupid brats or unreasonable kids. Now a ‘Suicide Squad’ fan wants to ban Rotten Tomatoes.

The first reviews for Suicide Squad are out, and it seems like they are panning the film. So this fan named Abdullah Coldwater from Egypt went ahead and started a petition on that calls for a complete ban on Rotten Tomatoes, the famous review aggregator website.

In fact, in the past the negative reviews for The Dark Knight Rises led users to leave death threats for critics.

Here’s what the petition looks like:

Suicide Squad Ban Rotten Tomatoes
Suicide Squad: Ban Rotten Tomatoes

We all know these petitions mean nothing, and there is chance that Rotten Tomatoes is shutting down. But weird things happen in this weird world, just like the weirder world of Suicide Squad.

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