The Blame Game: Hrithik vs Kangana

Ok, so here’s how it all started. Indian Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut in an with talked about her ‘silly exes’. Hrithik Roshan, an Indian Bollywood superstar, long been rumored to having an affair with Kangana, responded with a legal notice, stating she must apologize for defaming him. He also added the whole delusional and Asperger’s Syndrome theory to his allegations. Kangana replied with a legal notice, calling him a liar, and the story started from here.

We for sure do not read Pinkvilla, but the news spread to all other major publications of the country, and soon every other person and starstruck fan was talking about it. The truth is yet t prevail, but going by the initial sights, Hrithik’s love affairs have been all over the news for the last decade, followed by his infamous divorce.

So while these stars fight it out, we wait for the next big development.

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